What is the Kent Conservation Foundation?

Answering that question means providing a little background…

The Kent Conservation Advisory Committee (CAC)

In the Town of Kent, and in many towns across New York, volunteers serve on committees that advise the towns on conservation and environmental issues. They are known as Conservation Advisory Committees. In Kent, the seven residents appointed by the town to serve in that capacity are responsible for helping preserve, protect and promote the natural areas in our town so that everyone may enjoy them now and in the future.

Kent’s natural areas include—

  • Thousands of acres of protected open space
  • Miles of hiking trails, including sections of the Appalachian Trail and Highlands Trail
  • Dozens of lakes, ponds, streams and bogs
  • Ruins of several colonial homesteads on publicly-accessible land
  • A number of impressive boulders known as glacial erratics
  • Numerous stone chambers and endless stone walls on publicly-accessible land
  • Two state parks, Fahnestock in the west and Wonder Lake in the east

The wealth of these recreational, historical and archeological treasures give Kent residents the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of activities – hiking, fishing, kayaking, hunting, mountain
biking, picnicking, cross-country skiing, birdwatching and sketching.

To learn about CAC activities, programs and publications, please visit kentcac.info.

Where does the Kent Conservation Foundation (KCF) come in?

The Kent Conservation Foundation was founded by Kent residents who want to support preservation and restoration projects identified as priorities by the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee. These are projects that cannot be funded by town tax dollars because they are located in natural areas that are not owned by the town but by other entities—the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, for example.

The KCF, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, is led by a Board of Directors committed to securing funding for and responsibly managing CAC-identified projects. All KCF funds are used to support CAC projects.

And where do you come in?

To be successful, the Kent Conservation Foundation needs the support of the community. If preserving the natural areas in Kent is important to you, we hope you’ll consider donating to, becoming a member of the KCF or volunteering to help with our projects! Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.


The Kent Conservation Advisory Committee has identified two projects that require the help of the community –

  • Making repairs to preserve the historic Mount Nimham Fire Tower that crowns Nimham Mountain. The CAC has asked the KCF to secure the funds for the project and manage it.
  • Maintaining the trails to Hawk Rock, the trailhead kiosk and the site of the Mead Farm, including, in particular, the corbelled stone chamber there.


The Kent Conservation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to support preservation and restoration projects identified as priorities by the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee. These are projects that cannot be funded by town tax dollars because they are located in natural areas that are not owned by the town but by other entities—the New York  State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, for example.


A Big Project

When I talk to people about the Kent Conservation Foundation their first question is,  “What is it?” The second is,  “What does it do?” I explain that it’s a nonprofit organization that carries out projects identified by the Town of Kent’s Conservation Advisory Committee. Naturally, that leads to questions about the kind of projects the …

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Bill Volckmann, President
Bill Buck, Secretary and Board Member
Anne Balant-Campbel, Board Member

Kent Conservation Foundation
PO BOX 474
Patterson, NY 12563-0474



If you enjoy Kent’s open areas and hiking destinations such as the Mount Nimham fire tower and Hawk Rock, please consider making a donation to help the KCF preserve and maintain them. We could really use your support!

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